Bed Bug Treatment

Have you recently come back from a vacation and begun to notice bite marks on your skin?  If the answer is yes, you could have a bed bug infestation in your home.  Bed bugs are a nightmare that millions of people face around the world.  These bugs are excellent travelers because they will get in your luggage and go wherever you go.  If you have bed bugs in your home it is important that you look for a bed bug treatment that can work for you.

The first thing you should know about different bed bugs treatment programs is they are not all perfect.  Some treatment options will only work if you are able to find all of the bugs.  Other treatments may only work under certain conditions.  It is important for you to analyze the different treatments that are available to learn how to get rid of bed bugs.

Professional Treatment Options

bed bugs on skinBecause bed bugs are known to be extremely stubborn and persistent it is important to be persistent when killing them.  You should choose a treatment option that can work to eliminate your problem.  Finding the bugs is often the most difficult part of the treatment process.  If you are not able to find the bugs you will have a hard time eliminating them. Sometimes looking up bed bug pictures is the best way to determine what these bugs look like.

One of the reasons why it is a good idea to hire a professional exterminator is because have experience eliminate these bugs.  A trained eye will be able to find bed bugs in a matter of a few minutes, while you might not be able to find them.  Professionals are paid to ensure that they problem is fully eradicated.

Most of the treatment options that are available can be done at home if you have the right equipment and supplies.  The main advantage of using a professional service is their experience in eliminating these bugs.  If you are able to locate all the bugs on your own, a do it yourself project might be right for you.

Steam Cleaning Treatments

steam cleaners for bed bugsPeople who have an isolated case of bed bugs can look at steam cleaning as a method of extermination.  The hot steam is designed to immediately kill the bugs on impact.  This extermination method requires you to find all of the areas in your home that the bugs are located.  Once you are able to locate the bed bugs you can then steam the entire area.

The main advantage to using steam cleaning is because it doesn’t require any dangerous chemicals.  Using steam is an all natural way that you can eradicate your insects.  Anytime you are steam cleaning you should make sure you target areas that are known to contain bugs.  It is essential that you do a thorough job of steaming your mattresses, pillows and frame.

You will also want to steam clean all of the corners of your carpets and rugs in your home.  The corner where the carpet connects to the wall is a very common place where bed bugs are located.  Any furniture that has upholstery needs to be properly steamed with a cleaner.  Because these bugs are nocturnal insects, they are going to be living in areas that don’t have any light.

The major downside to this bed bug treatment is that it is easy to miss areas where the bugs are living.  If you fail to exterminate all of the bugs they will breed their colony back again.  This method is only effective if you are able to eradicate all of the bugs that are living in your home.

Insecticide Bed Bug Treatments

bed bug spraysAnother popular option that many people use is insecticides.  Using formulas that are designed to kill bed bugs is a way that you can eliminate your pest problem.  Most of the time you will usually find professionals who use these treatment methods.  While there are a different bed bug sprays that are sold, it is important for you to find something that is safe.

Anytime you are dealing with insecticides it is important for you to follow the instructions carefully.  Be careful not to use any of these chemicals in areas that you might be sleeping in.  Insecticides are most commonly used in the corners of rooms and on carpeted areas.

The obvious downside to insecticides is that some of the products can be dangerous to your health.  You should always look for products that are natural and don’t pose a risk to your health.  Finding a good bed bug spray will ensure you have a treatment you can use for the bugs. Looking up product reviews is a great way to find these products.

ThermaPure Treatment Options

thermapure treatment for bed bugsPeople who are looking for a sure fire way to get rid of their bug problem can look to a new bed bug treatment option called ThermaPure.  This method of treatment basically utilizes heat to exterminate any insects that are living in your home.  This technique involved bringing the temperature of your home to 140 degrees; a temperature that will kill any bugs living in your home.

Using the heat to kill the bedbugs is the best option for people who have a major infestation in their home.  If you have bugs living in your carpets, sofas, beds, and closets, this can be the best way to flush them all out.  It is also a very safe option that doesn`t use any harmful chemicals.

The major downside to this bed bugs treatment method is the expense.  Companies that offer this treatment method can charge a few thousand dollars to treat an entire home.  You should only consider this method if you have exhausted the other two options that are available.

Treating Clothes

cleaning clothesAnytime you experience a bed bug infiltration in your home it is important for you to wash all of your clothes and sheets immediately.  The clothes should be washed at a temperature over 120 degrees to ensure that all these pests are killed in the wash.

People living in warmer climates can hand dry their clothes outside if the weather very hot.  If the temperature can reach extremes of 115 degrees the bugs will die from the heat.  Do your best to clean any clothes or fabrics that could possibly be contaminated with these bugs.


A proper bed bugs treatment starts with a good inspection.  This is one of the reasons why it can be beneficial to get professional help with your treatments of bedbugs.  Professionals are specifically trained to identify all of the areas in a home that can be contaminated with these bugs.  If you are going to treat the bugs yourself be sure to thoroughly inspect your home to avoid missing any areas where these bugs can live.

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Leo May 30, 2011 at 12:12 am

I found that the best treatment to deal with bed bugs was calling an exterminator. Too much of a hassle to try and get rid of all the buggers yourself. Obviously money is an issue also.

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